Life at St Luke's

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9:00am Parent & Toddler Drop-In *  
7:30pm Prayer for the Building Project (1st Monday)
8:00pm Mothers' Union (2nd Monday)

2:00pm Tuesday Club (for senior citizens)
8:15pm Prayer Group  

9:00am Parent & Toddler Drop-In *  
7:30pm Bible Study & Fellowship Groups  

7:15pm Adult Four-Part Choir Practice *  

5:00pm Children's Tea * (for primary school children)
5:30pm Explorers * (for primary school children)
6:20pm Treble Choir Practice *  
7:00pm Pathfinders * (for secondary school children)
8:00pm Men's Fellowship (3rd Friday)

6:00pm Top Deck (alternate Sundays)

* usually termtime only  [York Council Term Dates]


Parent and Toddler Drop-In

Run by two volunteer ladies, St Luke's Parent and Toddler Drop-In costs £1 per family each session.

St Luke's Parent and Toddler Drop-In only runs in term time.

  • Contact:  Helen Gant  (01904 654784)

  • When?   Monday & Wednesday ­ 9:00am to 11:00am during school terms only

  • Where?  St Luke's Church Hall, Shipton Street (behind the church)



Explorers meet to have fun, hear Bible stories and play together.

Sometimes we have been on trips, cooked cakes and biscuits, played games both in teams and as individuals, and we always finish our term with a party.

St Luke's Church Hall is a great area for running off some of that Friday evening energy and is a great start to the weekend - come and give us a try.

Explorers are children from nursery up to Year 6 (age 4 to 11).

  • Contact: Lynn Comer  (01904 656295)

  • When?   Friday ­ 5:30pm to 6:30pm during school terms only

  • Where?  St Luke's Church Hall, Shipton Street (behind the church)



Pathfinders is a youth group for young people in school years 7 to 11 (age 11 to 16).

We meet to discover the good news of the Christian gospel by sharing together in reaching the Bible, talking and praying, games, craft activities and fun.

  • Contact: Gillian Tyler   (01904 645393)

  • When?    Friday ­ 7:00pm to 8:00pm during school terms only

  • Where?  St Luke's Church Hall, Shipton Street (behind the church)


Top Deck

Top Deck is a youth group for older young people in school years 10 and above.

We meet to discuss topics that interest or concern us, study the Bible and worship God together, as well as plenty of time for chat and food.  If you think you might like to join us, speak to Sally or Michael - or one of the young people who comes!

  • Contact:  Michael & Sally Maybridge (07764 484985)

  • When?    Forntnightly.  Sunday ­6:00pm to 8:15pm


Treble Choir

This group of young people rehearses weekly and leads morning worship on most Sundays.

Affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music, the choir members work through the award scheme including the Dean's Award 


Adult Four-Part Choir

This group rehearses weekly and leads worship on a Sunday morning around four times a year, as well as performing special works such as Stainer's Crucifixion.

It consists of about thirty members and no previous experience of choir singing is needed.

  • Contact: Helen Warry (

  • When?   Thursday ­ 7:15pm to 8:30pm, usually school terms only

  • Where?  St Luke's Church


Bible Study & Fellowship Groups

  • When?   Wenesday 7:30pm to 9:00pm

  • Contact: Helen Gant (01904 654784)

  • Where?  6 Lumley Road (off Burton Stone Lane)

Informal Bible study and discussion: this can take the form of a series, but people are welcome to join at any time.


Prayer Group

The group usually meets at 6 Lumley Road and there is around half an hour of silent prayer.

  • Contact: Helen Gant  (01904 654784)

  • When?   Tuesday  8:15pm start

  • Where?  6 Lumley Road (off Burton Stone Lane)


Prayer Group

A time to pray together for guidance and wisdom for the church re-ordering and building project.

  • Contact: Carol Lawson or Wendy Sculthorp

  • When?   1st Monday of each month - 7:00pm for half an hour

  • Where?  Lady Chapel, St Luke's Church


St Luke's Tuesday Club

Social afternoon including Bingo, refreshments and raffle.

Also, outings for members and guests.

  • Contact: Margaret Hunt or Linda Turpin (01904 635332)

  • When? Tuesday 2:15pm

  • Where? St Luke's Church Hall, Shipton Street (behind the church)


St Luke's Mothers' Union

The Mothers' Union is a world-wide organisation which promotes the well-being of families.

We meet together for fellowship, friendship and to hear speakers on a wide variety of subjects.

  • Contact: Liz Davies  (01904 633691)

  • When?  2nd Monday of each month - 7:30pm start

  • Where? St Luke's Church Hall, Shipton Street (behind the church)



Men's Fellowship

Meets on the third Friday of the month at 8.00pm, usually at the Pitchside Bar at York City FC - but check before turning up on spec!

There's a theme or a topic - holy or fun or both - and there's usually beer, wine, tea and coffee to help things along as well as time just to chat and put the world to rights.

Very relaxed, all welcome.

  • Contact: Mark Comer (01904 656295) or David Smallwood (01904 659541)

  • When?   3rd Friday each month, 8:00pm start

  • Where?  usually The Pitchside Bar at York City FC 


The Sunnydene Players: St Luke's Church at play 1988 - 2012

As today, St Luke's Church in the 1980s was a rich mix of God's children - all shapes, sizes and talents. A group of stage-struck singers, dancers and actors gathered around the piano of music teacher Alison Morse, and early in 1988 they put on 'An Evening of Edwardian Entertainment' in St Luke's Church Hall. Named after Alison's house on Burton Stone Lane, the Sunnydene players were born.

Above all, Sunnydene was St Luke's Church at play, and it made a serious contribution to the life of the church family. Performing, playing, set-building, costume-making and - of course - watching and encouraging were all valued and seemed to engulf a lot of people in and around St Luke's. The madder it got, the more it brought people together and strengthened the love and friendship within God's family.

Although Sunnydene 'retired' in 2012, it has spun off into other aspects of St Luke's life. Following the 1993 concert performance of Stainer's Crucifixion, Sunnydene members became a choir singing in four-part harmony that continues to lead several services each year. Sunnydene was the springboard for St Luke's appearances in the York Waggon Plays every four years since 1994.

No-one failed a Sunnydene audition - you just needed your voice (if you wanted to be on stage) but above all yourself, and you were in.

Thanks be to God for the Sunnydene Players - St Luke's Church at play - for the laughter, the friendship, the effort, the music, the family.