The Resurrection: a presentation in music and drama by St Luke's for Easter 2015

Photography by Peter Bayliss      

The Empty Tomb

Soldiers at the Tomb

Breaking bread at Emmaus

Folded Grave Clothes

Peace be With You

The Choir

Mike Tyler:

Three years on from our staging of a passion play to mark Easter 2012, a cast of around 50 actors, singers, readers and technical crew gathered together to present a dramatised telling of the story of the resurrection on Easter Sunday evening.

Over a hundred regular or occasional attendees, visitors and friends made up the congregation for a very special act of worship to mark this most special of days.

The presentation came together through a wonderful pooling and sharing of gifts and talents, evident not just on the evening itself, but during the months and weeks of preparation and rehearsal.

This was brought into dramatic focus through the way in which St Luke’s was transformed from a conventional church into an auditorium with stage, set and full lighting rig, then back to a church again in the space of just a few hours.

For me this is a powerful testament to the ability of our community to work so hard with, and for, each other.


Alastair Dunn:

It was a pleasure and a privilege to be part of  'The Resurrection'.

What made it special for me and, I think, many others was that it was essentially an act of worship and not just a performance.

The music, hymns and prayers all contributed to the feeling that everyone was involved in the story, whether on stage or as members of the congregation. Some commented on this being drawn into the events as they unfurled and at least one person confessed to being moved to tears. I feelcertain they were not the only ones.

Highlights? There were several. As Nicodemus, sitting with the dead Jesus a good ten minutes before the introduction was a special time. It emphasised the importance of having to wait sometimes, without doing anything. I think Bailey Pollock did very well in being totally covered and not scratching, twitching or sneezing.

The guards conscripted from the women’s Land Army because the male contingent had the weekend off were great. And men in the circumstances would not have done a better job! Then the appearances of Jesus and his teaching brought home the slowness of the disciples to understand the circumstances in which they found themselves.

Would any of us have been any different? Contrast this with the courage of the women approaching the tomb. And what love for Christ they must have had.

Our thanks must go to all who worked so hard to make this memorable evening possible. One question remains. What next? Pentecost in two years time? Why not? Bring it on!


Anne Lockitt:

My mum had a wonderful singing voice. In her RAF days (early 1940’s) she would often be involved in cabarets and concerts. Unfortunately for me, the singing gene skipped a generation and went straight to my daughter, who was a member of several choirs at school and often sang solo. Don’t get me wrong, I can sing in tune (I think) but it’s not the sort of voice that turns heads for the right reasons! Anyway, after years of sitting in the audience watching and listening to others, I decided to join St Luke’s choir, who were about to start practicing for Easter.

After the first session I walked home feeling a little shell shocked. It seemed to me that everyone in the choir knew exactly what they were doing and could read music, but I most definitely could not. I could have given up then and there but with Lent and Easter fast approaching I reminded myself that if Jesus could endure all the things he went through, I most certainly was not going to give up.

And I’m glad I didn’t. Each week I learnt a little more thanks to Helen’s fantastic talent and leadership and Sarah’s gentle guidance and encouragement. Also thanks to Mary, Bronwyn, Claire and Jenny who answered my endless questions.

Singing as part of St Luke’s choir has been a great experience and has made Easter all the more special. I’ve been made to feel welcome, got to know some lovely people, and had the chance to be a part of a very talented group of singers and actors. Thank you.











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